A downloadable game for Windows

wasd = move

left click = fire

right click = grenade

f12 = fullscreen.

esc = exit.



valley_of_shadows_lowresjam2017.exe 7 MB


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Hey! A fellow Gamemaker:Studio user. I've tried your game and its Pretty good. Although there are some points this thing could use improvement on. those points are:

1.Enemys are kina scarce, would be nice if they showed up more often.

2.Needs Game feel. Stuff like screen shakes, bright flashes of light,  Loud Boom sounds that play whenever you shoot.

3. Could use higher quality sounds

And the points that this just Wins it in are:

Great looking rotation system,  Easy Controls,  Overall gameplay.

I understand that this is made for a game jam but incase you want to polish it and make it bigger these tips should help. Good luck on your career and in the game jam. and keep up the good work


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thanks very much! :)

yeah,  it's all a bit rushed, but no excuse i know.  (it was also planned to be more cannon-fodder-like ..that went out the window soon after starting the pcg)

am tempted to try something along these lines again in the future maybe, definitely at a higher resolution, lol.

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If you want I would be willing to collaborate. seems like it would be a fun project to take on.